Dr.Rainer Zimmermann

Dr. Rainer Zimmermann has a master degree in Mathematics and Ph.D. in economics. He brings more than 25 years of Entrepreneurship experience to invested companies.
He is a member of the elite group of high tech Founders in Europe, who has managed to build a multi-million USD business from scratch.
He was one of the 3 founders of LHS AG, a telecom billing and administration software company which in just 7 years went from 3 to1500 employees in Asia, Europe and USA and achieved a market valuation over 2 billion Euros.
He later moved on as an investors in several IT and telecommunication companies in Europe, repeated similar success with 3 more high-tech companies.

Şevki Kuyulu

Şevki Kuyulu, started out by building experience on technology leader multinationals such as;NCR, DEC, and Vestel on the top of his Industrial Engineering degree from METU.
He is the CEO of ETH AG in Germany since 2001 and acquires extensive telecommunication expertise in fixed and mobile telephony market through Europe, as well as hardware, software and integration services in IT.
He founded ESOR Holding with Dr. Zimmermann as an venture capital investor. During his 30 years career in IT and Telecommunications,
Mr. Kuyulu has:
- Managed Several M&A transactions on both buyer and seller sides
- Productize several new and innovative products and services
- Founded several companies and built several distribution channels in
  different countries
- Sponsored several CRM and Billing software developments in Germany
  and Turkey
- Built several Customer Service Organizations in different countries