In Turkey, the number of state programs to support startups has increased since 2012. TÜBİTAK’s 1512 Entrepreneurship Support Programme (BIGG) has been supporting startups at the idea stage since 2012; in 2019, each of the 568 startups at the idea stage received a grant of 200 thousand TL. What major steps were taken to support startups in the past 10 years? Let’s take a look together.

2012 – TUBITAK started to support young and innovative entrepreneurs under the BIGG program.
2013- Ministry of Treasury and Finance started to issue certificates to angel investors.
2013 – Entrepreneurship courses started to be supported (Entrepreneurship Support Certificate Programs, Universities, etc.).
2015- TUBITAK begins work to screen and accelerate startups at the idea stage with the 1512 Entrepreneurship Support Program (BIGG).
2016-Growth funds to support startups were increased: Turkish Growth and Innovation Fund (TGIF) established by AYF, the Ministry of Treasury and Finance, KOSGEB and TSKB.
2018- Technology Transfer Offices Support Program was launched with the support of TUBITAK.
2019- Istanbul Development Agency Program allocated 250 million liras to technology and innovation-based companies as Regional Venture Capital Support.
Source: The State of Turkish Startup Ecosystem 2021-INVEST IN TURKEY