In fact, we all know that there is no 100% safe investment. For us, a portfolio that is considered safe is one that takes into account our individual needs, offers the necessary stability of income and allows us to benefit from growth over time. That’s why safe investments with stable and lower returns will help us protect our income and may even generate modest growth for us in the long run.

Certificates of deposit: Certificates of deposit are a good choice if you don’t need instant access to your cash but want to earn a little more from a savings account.

Gold: In the short term, stocks and other risky assets may experience sudden price fluctuations. However, research shows that gold can maintain its value in the long term.

Real estate: Depending on local market conditions, they are considered as safe investments and can generate a good income, depending on your destination and where you live.

Preference shares: These are hybrid securities that have both equity and bond characteristics. Guaranteed dividend payments allow shareholders to receive a certain percentage of the company’s profits as dividends.