There are thousands of users who happen to see a YouTube ad for a product or service, and then want to buy it. Thanks to YouTube’s proprietary advertising algorithm, ads published on YouTube make it possible for brands and products to become more recognizable and for the product to easily reach the right target audience.
So what should be considered when preparing an engaging YouTube ad?

-Always announce your campaigns in a video format suitable for YouTube.
-Keep the video as short as possible, and get your whole message across preferably in 15 seconds. Because the ad you have prepared will suddenly appear on the screen of your target audience watching a video for another purpose, so you should have a catchy and concise ad style.
-Prepare advertising videos according to the needs and behavior of your target audience, that is, the consumer. For example, in your ad text, include clear guidance sentences that find solutions to consumer behavior, such as “the right address for cheap and quality clothing”.